Enthusiast. Leader. Passionate orator. Christen's heart is for people and their holistic development.  With a background in Human Resources, her desire is to see individuals blossom in their field of choice. As mentor, her openness of past experiences turned triumphs, allows her mentees to see limitless hope. And as a peer, Christen aims to model after the proverb, 'As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another'. Sharpening takes place in the rough, rugged, throes of life. We may not have it all together, but we're determined to work out all the kinks: TOGETHER!

Christen has been called upon by several groups to share her heart and insight with youth groups and young professionals such as Concord Church, FireHouse Youth Ministry, BrickHouse Young Adult Ministry, Titanium Unity, Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church, and Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals. Her messages not only provide instruction,  they provide hope and encouragement.

Now adding author to her repertoire, O'Neal is taking her talents into new arenas. When asked about her writing endeavor and what pushed her to it, she responded, "My desire is to take a one-on-one relational approach to the world!" Offering her heart and experience-gained wisdom, Christen captivates her audience by the relevant and revelatory explanation of the Biblical character represented in Proverbs 31.

Dallas, TX native, Christen received both her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and her Masters in Organizations and Strategy from The University of Texas at Dallas. She enjoys spending time with family, NAPS, chocolate and laughing with friends!