Up Above The Clouds

After spending a few days at the beach and enjoying some much needed time away from it all, the journey home had begun. 

Riding to the airport BEFORE 5a, in a sleepy daze, I looked up and noticed the full moon coming along for the ride. As I stared out the window, I couldn't help but enjoy the moment. 

The sky was partly cloudy, but moon was so full and bright and it seemingly followed me as we drove to the airport. It made me think of the Father watching over me. Although my vacation was ending, I was happy. Content. At peace. 

Then the clouds rolled in front of the moon and I was immediately saddened. You see as we made the short drive, I prayed a quick yet poignant prayer similar to that of Job and David that simply asked God not to hide his face from me. 

I quickly started jotting these bullet points down for this blog, because sometimes you just know God is speaking... 

I knew that the clouds in that moment represented the clouds and fog of life that roll in to distract our view and perspective of our God. Our loving Father. ABBA! The one who looks on us and we are able to trust with a child like faith.

That is until life happens. When the clouds, storms, and fog of life creep in, we somehow lose sight of that loving Father that we've come to trust to always be there. Those clouds can be the death of a loved one, financial strain, loss of employment, time waiting on promises and desires, stress on the job, broken promises, comparing your life to others, stagnation, and a host of other things!

As I boarded my plane and sat down to complete this body of thought, we ascended above the clouds. And there He was. The Moon. The representation of my God. 

No longer covered. No longer hiding from me. Only to be reminded that He was there all along. He is seated and looking on at all times. It is not until we get up above the clouds that we see Him clearly again. 

My challenge to me, and perhaps you'll join me, is to make intentional efforts to see God despite the clouds. Life will happen. Sometimes clouds happens to us. Sometimes we create fog. Whatever the origin, without proper perspective, it is a distraction.

God thank you for always being there, even when we can't see you clearly. I pray that you will give us the strength, faith and courage to look up above the clouds.