Pizza...Party of ONE!


Today was one of those days....I wish I had a boo! 

Not that there aren't many other days that I wish that my other whole (not half) was here doing life with me already. There are just some days you are a little more content with your singleness than others. 

And this was just one of those days... or one of those moments in a day rather, that my place of contentment had decreased. (The reality is, it was just a MOMENT. As I began to speak and scribe this note while I walked through the store and on my drive home I was good again... and I am grateful to God for that!)

Here's what happened! Today I decided I wanted pizza for dinner. But not just Pizza Hut or Domino's, no chain pizza restaurant for me. No, I wanted brick oven style, didn't have to be a fancy place but just a nice pizza dinner. As I drove toward Restaurant Row, I approached a red light and said to myself 'Oooooh, how about I go home and make a pizza! That sounds so fun and maybe cost effective too.'

Who knows but I was up for the challenge, as I've discovered this new found hobby of trying new dishes. Now, here's the thing, I had already pushed past the feelings of not having someone to go to the pizza restaurant with me, but as I drove to the store I thought man it sure would be great to have someone to experience this with me. See when I cook I enjoy listening to old school R and B and dancing while I cook! That's anything from Earth Wind and Fire to Frankie Beverly and Maze to Anita Baker to George Clinton, to Teddy Pendergrass to Bootsy Collins... the list goes on and on! 

This is a new regular for me, but today I didn't just want a Pizza Party of ONE! It's my truth and I just had to live with it. I'm no fool to think every night my hubby will be in the kitchen cooking and dancing with me, but I'm sure there will be days like today! 

I could call or text someone and create a pseudo atmosphere of love in the kitchen, but I don't want that. I don't want fake love. I don't want what feels good but isn't good. I don't want a temporary fix. I want to take moments that could potentially be monotonous or chore like, and be intentional about the culture of my home and family. 

So I take moments like I had today and tuck them away and look forward to making moments like this with my future family.... not too distant future either Lord!

Now... let me get in here and make this bomb homemade pepperoni pizza from Cafe de Christen (in my best Italian inspired voice) 

I just wanted to take a quick moment to share with my single people. Don't give up. You may be having one of those days or moments too. Or maybe it'll hit you later this week. Just remember, you're worth more than a quick date and bland conversation. Enjoy your singleness, but when those moments hit you don't get sad. It's just a glimpse of what and how your heart desires to be loved. Don't take those moments for granted. Treasure them. Store them so your spouse won't have to guess how they can speak your love language. You can go into your marriage with tools to build a healthy family! Everyday won't be great, but it doesn't hurt to already have some go to resources in your arsenal! 

Ok.... I'm really going to make pizza now!

(Yep! That's the pizza I made too!)