Grace Galore is an expression of HOPE! More than a 'Lifestyle Brand' - Grace Galore is a Lifestyle Stamp! A sign, an indicator, a marker! Grace Galore was designed to remind the believer to trust in the infinite, UNFAILING, UNYIELDING Grace of God that saved you! It also serves as a call, an outreach, an impression to draw the unbeliever to inquire and receive God's immense, INTENTIONAL, and INSISTENT Grace!

Often capsulated as an all inclusive, yet narrow minded space, Grace Galore was unearthed from a desire to quantify God's grace... knowing that this is an impossible feat! We want to provide not only messages of encouragement, but also lifestyle products that admonishes believers to trust in God's infinite grace. As well as amplify the extent of His grace to the unbeliever.    

In addition to all of this, Grace Galore exists as a landing spot for a community of people all passionate about ONE truth: displaying the height, the depth, and width of God's Grace. We believe that the vibration of Grace will reach further if the voices of Grace Galore came from more than one mouth piece! YOUR story of God's grace towards you, could be the one that gives another the strength and courage to hope again. So tell us your story! Leave your name, or remain anonymous! Either way, let us share YOUR Grace Story! 


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