Just One of Those Days...

Today is just one of those days when I could use a good, strong man hug! The kind where I can just bury my head into his chest. The kind where just for a moment, though we both understand I'm strong, (because I am!), we both also understand the necessity to not lean on your own strength. That there is a safe refuge! And YES! I'm aware that on Christ the solid Rock I stand, and all other ground is sinking sand. YES! I know He will never leave me nor forsake me. YES! I can, and do, and am, resting in His presence. But I'm also aware that when God designed man in the Garden and determined within Himself that it was not good for man to be alone, I have no choice but to acknowledge that it is equally not good for woman to be alone! 


Don't crucify me yet married Christians! This is not the moment to "encourage" me that marriage isn't the end all be all. I'm aware. Neither is singleness, but I digress.....


Now whether that partnership is in marriage or our favorite term "community", it is necessary.


If you know anything about me, you know how much I love my Dad. I'm a Daddy's Girl for sure. But he cannot be the only male safe place for me. (Speaking of men specifically right now) I would love to be able to run into the arms of my spouse and just exhale one of those good deep sighs! But alas, he isn't here, yet!


In these moments, I wish that my big brother was still here! I wonder how our relationship would be as adults. I recall the night he was in so much pain from the cancer in his body, that as we rode to the emergency room in the backseat of a car that we once bickered in, he squeezed my hand with all his might and laid his head on me. On me! His baby sister. The one he teased. The one he was adamant in our younger years that I was adopted!! (Side note: I learned later in life that this is a cardinal rule in the older sibling manual.) The one he taught how to play basketball. The one he convinced to ask Mom and Dad stuff because "they're not going to say no to you!" 


The point I'm making is he was the strong one. And in one of his weakest, most vulnerable moments we shared, it never lessened my view of his strength. In fact, it was an indication of just how bad things had to be to see him break. He was my hero! 


It was like watching a body builder being able to muster up the strength to lift 340 pounds and when the spotter adds 5 more pounds, he just couldn't do it. Does that now mean the body builder was no longer strong?! Absolutely not! 340 pounds is A LOT! It just means, in that moment it was a lot! But if I press on, continue in the gym, if and when I face this extra weight again I may be able to bear this... And if I can't, it DOES NOT MAKE ME WEAK!!



Here's my message to US today:


Dear Sir/Ma'am:


You may be facing something that quite frankly is A LOT for you to bear. And that's ok. You were not designed to bear it alone. Whether it's your spouse, your family, close friends, there are people around you to help and support you. It's not good for you to go at it alone. And I know... You're the strong one. The one many come to, but I promise you, if you find your SAFE place, rest there! That place will never look at your moment of weakness as your frailty, but rather support you and push you past this point!

You are not weak. You are Human! And by the grace of God, you will live to fight another day!


Today, I'm grateful for my support system. Grateful for those who let me have my moments. And most importantly, I'm grateful for the foundation of Christ that allows me to stand firm, when things around me look uncertain. 


Live. Love. Serve. Give.