#GRACEIS | Rebecca Werts

As a church girl, “Amazing Grace” was a song I sang, yet I had a challenge with accepting God’s grace into my heart and life. I grew up attempting to live a perfect life, rather than be perfected by Christ. I didn’t really accept the gift of grace and would be hard on myself for not getting something right or making a mistake. This caused me to hold myself and others to unrealistic standards. I couldn’t extend, what I didn’t embrace. Perfectionism or "the perfect image" were idols that I had to dethrone from my heart and surrender to the Lord. It wasn’t until recently that I began to truly understand the fullness of God’s grace. As I’ve grown in my relationship with Christ, I’ve learned that grace is not only His unmerited favor toward me, but it’s also the abundant gift that carries me through each season of life. He’s given me His grace and His Holy Spirit to live an empowered life submitted to Him. With His grace, I can live life free from self-criticism and unattainable expectations. As I've embraced His grace, I've been set me free from the chains of perfectionism. I’m intentional with living life by a holy standard, rather than a self-designed or societal standard. Now, I allow His grace to cover imperfections, and I no longer believe the lie that God is done with me when I make a mistake. God’s grace is wide enough, great enough, deep enough, and strong enough to reach me, cover me, and redeem me.