I’m Abstaining from the big ’S’ Word….

That’s it! I’m tired of saying I’m NOT going to do it and find myself doing it. Even more so, I’m tired of saying I’m going to do it, and find myself NOT doing it. So this year, I’m drawing a line in the sand and I’m not doing it…. I mean I’m doing it:

This year I’m abstaining from: STAGNATION!

I heard this word loud and clear as I prayed earlier today about what 2019 has in store… and I heard stagnant. Stagnant?! I’m going to be stagnant this year!?

I was confused until a friend sent me an article about New Year’s Resolutions and how the writer determined instead of traditional NY Resolutions, he would pick 12 activities, one per month, non-accumulative, and focus only on abstaining from that one activity each month.  

Notice I said I prayed earlier today about 2019… Not last year. Not last month. Not even 2 nights ago for NYE. Truth of the matter is I didn’t have it in me. I literally went out of 2018 into 2019 laying out on my back from some type of crazy back spasm/strain situation!! I didn’t want to hope. I didn’t want to have expectation. I didn’t want to make big plans to do big things in twenty nineteen! 

After reading that article though I realized stagnation is the thing I’m supposed to abstain from this year. Every month. In multiple areas of my life. 

Maybe you’re like me and you didn’t really want to put forth much effort this year, but deep down you know you’re not wired for mediocrity. Join this challenge with me to abstain from stagnation. Whether that’s in your health, making better financial decisions, your career path, your side hustle, your relationships, your spiritual walk, etc. Whatever it is, take a stand today and just say no to stagnation! Your future self will thank you!

~ Christen

PS: if you’re interested in reading the article I read here’s the link: