Don't Pick The Scab!

We all experience hurt. We all have gone through things we never imagined would have happened to us. From the friend who distorted trusted information to others. To the family member who has practically disowned us. Even the self inflicted injuries from past relationships we should have never entered. The fact remains, we all have wounds that need to be healed. 

As we go through the journey of uncovering these hurts, forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, and the start toward healing begins, we notice a change occurs with our wounds. A scab begins to form. The scab. A natural forming band-aid used to cover and protect the wound while it heals. Scabs are not the most attractive covering and can become downright tight and uncomfortable. When we get tired of seeing the scab, we sometimes have the tendency to peel back our scabs to check on the progress of our healing wounds. Doing so can be painful and set back your recoup time. It can also reopen the wound and cause infection. Causing further dosages and perhaps more expensive medicine to treat the wound.

Consider the story of Lot's wife. (Genesis 19) After all they journeyed through, the pain and shame of leaving their homeland which had turned against God, yet Lot and his wife were spared from the destruction of the city. They received a forewarning of the Lord's displeasure with Sodom and the angels of the Lord gave Lot and his wife the instruction to flee and not to look back. Lot and his family were led away to a place of healing/deliverance. However, Lot's wife looked back and was immediately turned into a pillar of salt.  I'm sure she was not the only person traveling who turned their head back in the physical geographic direction of their past homeland, but there was something different about when she turned to gaze. There was a question in her heart. She turned back to see what if? She recalled the events she had gone through in a way that if she carried on in the journey could have been detrimental to everyone else in the family. 

Lot's wife was pulling back an old scab. Something that was covered to help heal her and move her past where she had been. Remember, during the healing process, it will hurt. You will remember things that happened, the good, bad, and ugly. Once the instruction to flee has been given, we should not look back at past experiences with the joy, admiration, hurt, or scorn as we did once before.  The difference in the OUTcome of the healing process is found in what you do IN the process. If you continuously pick, peel, peek and peep at the scab you will find yourself in a perpetual state of hurt and dissatisfaction. Listen to the words from a friend and leave it alone. Allow natures course to run.  

The beauty of a scab is two fold. 1) It serves as a reminder of what you have survived and OVERCOME. You made it! With the ability to tell your story and remind you not take the same fall that caused the wound, AND to encourage others to push through their own healing process. 2) The scab automatically falls off when it's job is complete. It knows exactly when the wound is ready and prepared to be uncovered. When the sensitivity of the healing has taken place and now only time remains to fade the appearance of that old wound. Get the PROPER attention you need for you wounds. Address them. Treat them. Then allow the scab to form and protect you from further damage. I love you! Remember: Don't Pick The Scab!!