Sneak Peek! | Chapter 7

This woman seems to only care about one thing, namely herself. Selfishness causes her to handle herself, her husband, and the lives of others so recklessly. She tells the young man that she has fulfilled her vows, as in a peace offering or sacrificial offering to God. How many times have we found ourselves, attempting to hook a man by our offerings in church services, or by our lofty expressions in praise and worship? She has deceived herself into thinking that her offerings were acceptable in the sight of God. Apart from the heart, all giving (time, talent, or treasure) is worthless.

As for this young man she leads astray, notice how she lures him in. She leads him to believe there is some spiritual implication to her having found him, causing him to feel special. Little does he know, he is one of many that have been led down the path to death. She is persuasive and extremely influential. Her seductive words were potent enough to cause this young man to forget the relationship he had with wisdom. He is numb to her confession of infidelity. He forgets the words of his father instructing him to stay away from this type of woman, forsaking the path that leads to life. 

We must understand the persuasive ability that we possess as women. We can make the most foul, immoral behavior seem so innocent. However, we must be careful not to use our persuasive ability over men (because it is a legitimate power) for the wrong things. Let us use our potency to encourage and add strength to men’s lives!